How to monitor app performance with Azure Monitor Application Insights

Application Insights in Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor Application Insights provides capabilities for telemetry data collection, distributed tracing, performance analysis, alerts and smart detections, usage analytics, and customizable workbooks and dashboards for monitoring and troubleshooting applications.

Telemetry Data Collection

Telemetry data from the application code is sent to an Application Insights resource, enabling monitoring, troubleshooting, investigation, and forensic analysis.

Distributed Tracing and Application Map

Application Insights uses distributed tracing to track dependencies across app components and back-end services, automatically building an application map to visualize relationships and dependencies.

Performance Analysis

Provides performance views, profiler traces, log analytics, and real-time analysis for monitoring server response times, failures, and performance anomalies.

Alerts and Smart Detections

Enables users to create custom alerts, set conditions and thresholds, and utilize smart detections for automated warnings about performance problems and failures.

Usage Analytics and User Behavior

Provides visibility into end-user behavior, usage analytics, user journeys, user flows, and out-of-the-box workbook templates for querying and visualization.

Workbooks and Dashboards

Offers customizable workbooks, automatic dashboard refresh intervals, and the ability to launch workbooks directly from Azure Monitor for at-scale views and resource health monitoring.