[WARFRAME] DO MORE DAMAGE! - Ultimate Gun Modding Guide - Learn How Damage Works!

Weapon Modding in Warframe

The video provides a comprehensive guide on weapon modding in Warframe, covering damage calculation, elemental damage multipliers, crit chance and damage, weapon builds and augments, and optimizing weapon performance.

Understanding Damage Calculation

The video provides a detailed guide on how damage is calculated and how it affects guns when modded. It explains different types of damage multipliers, including elemental, base damage, crit damage, faction, and multi-shot multipliers. It also discusses the concept of additive damage and how mods or arcanes with the same description add to each other.

Elemental Damage Multipliers

The guide explains how to calculate the elemental damage multiplier and how elemental damage multipliers work, scaling off the total modded base damage of the weapon. It also discusses the application of damage over time (DOT) when proccing certain elemental damage on enemies, including the specific mechanics of heat, toxin, electric, and gas procs.

Crit Chance and Damage

The video discusses how to maximize damage in Warframe by understanding crit tiers, crit damage, headshot multipliers, and multi-shot mechanics. It explains the formula for calculating additional crit tier with modded crit damage and the impact of headshots and crits on damage multipliers. The vigilante mods, multi-shot mechanics, and damage falloff are also detailed.

Weapon Builds and Augments

The video provides examples of builds for specific weapons, emphasizing the importance of base damage multipliers, utility mods, crit chance, crit damage, elemental mods, and faction mods in creating effective weapon builds. It also highlights the use of specific weapon augments and their impact on damage output.

Optimizing Weapon Performance

The presenter showcases different weapon builds and demonstrates their effectiveness in dealing damage. Insights into mod choices, status effects, and damage multipliers are provided to optimize weapon performance, including pure status heavy builds, AOE loadouts, and non-elemental setups.